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Bienvenido a Miami!

A part of ARC Group’s growth mindset is dedicated annual strategic planning sessions.  The idea is to step away from the day to day and get a fresh perspective, seek inspiration and welcome challenges as an opportunity for growing and developing the business.  As part of this process, we reflect back on the year, lessons learned, key accomplishments and then map out the year ahead.  No matter how big or small your business is right now, this process is an invaluable tool that will help tell the story of your company and narrate the future. 

If you’ve ever been to Miami, you know it has its own unique cultural flare that sets it apart from the rest of Florida.  The strong Latin, Spanish and Cuban influences are seen in the design, cuisine, music and fashion.  Of course the fluidity of language and the way people speak English and Spanish interchangeably reminds us that life and business are not about parallels, rather it’s about bringing things together in a way no one previously imagined was possible.

This visit to Miami really was about unlocking possibilities and if you have never visited Miami here are a few noteworthy reasons why you should!

A Little Bit of Everything  

Maimi is uniquely situated in the south-eastern part of Florida, with access to the ocean, pristine beaches, the bay and a bustling metropolis, fashion and design district, shopping and destination restaurants. Nobu, Carbone, Contessa, Forte Dei Marmi  are a few top recommendations of things you can’t get in Toronto.  Having said that you can’t go wrong with our favorite Canadian restaurateurs that have locations in Miami: Byblos, Sofia and Amal which have become staples in South Beach.

The weather of course adds to the appeal of Miami as many Canadian snowbirds flock south to enjoy the sun, sand and pools.  Which likely has a part to play in the real estate market in Florida generally but in particular Miami is really booming as well.  People seem to be relocating here, a lot, most people we had quick conversations with seem to have moved to the greater Miami area in the last couple of years.  The hospitality industry has established a real footprint in Miami with many resort style hotel properties with multiple pools and in house restaurants to welcome tourists.  

Imagine, Perceive, Believe! 

The photo featured above is that of an art installation at the Faena Hotel.  The 2014 sculpture by English artist Damien Hirst, is entitled Gone but not Forgotten stands over three meters tall and is a full skeleton of a woolly mammoth gilded in 24 karat gold, valued at over $15m at the time.  As you approach the enormity of the 129 ¾” wide x 246” long outdoor installation encased in 4540 lbs of insulated glass vitrine and gold framing the first thoughts after “Wow” “Woah” and “Oh my God” are equally as profound. 

It is incredible and breath-taking and will leave you speechless especially at night when the gilded gold seemingly comes to life lit up against the dark skies.  The placement of the sculpture is not accidental, it’s outside, surrounded by palms and overlooking the beach and roaring waves of the turquoise ocean.  The landscaping design is part of a broader “Plant the Future” initiative that has teamed up with many other corporations.  Plant the Future is certainly a great way to put into words and visualize the mindset of our strategic planning session.  

Inspired to learn more about the genius behind the Faena Hotel we did some research.  Founded by Alan Faena often referred to as a true visionary and revolutionary leader whose presence has made an impact in fashion, art, hospitality, real estate and design. Allan began his first venture in his native Buenos Aires at the age of 19 in textiles, following his family tradition.  He launched a self-funded brand Via Vai in 1985 with 50 colored shirts and later expanded it to include a ready-to-wear and a denim line before selling the company in 1996. The point that stuck with us is, we all start somewhere and where you start doesn’t determine how far you can grow.

By design the hotel is truly an incubator for cultural expression and boundless artistic creativity.  The main entry way is lined with floor to ceiling vibrant art installations and the attention to detail in each area is impossible to deny.  The woolly mammoth, a symbol of Alaska, has now become a part of reshaping the cultural landscape of Miami beach.  Isn’t it ironic?  

To be honest even after seeing photos of the sculpture it was impossible to imagine its magnitude, now after having seen it, well it actually doesn’t seem impossible.  What is  loud and clear to us now, is that if you can perceive something beyond your imagination that means you believe it’s possible to achieve.  

Being boundless is not easy, but it is possible, to get there you have to keep refilling your cup with inspiration, new aspirations and reinvest in yourself and your business.

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