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NiceJob: Let Us Take On Your Reputation Management

One of the strongest ways to grow your business is through building a solid reputation.  Word of mouth can essentially make or break a business and we want to keep your focus on managing your reputation, growing your business without any additional work and of course increasing your profits.  Hand-in-hand with your reputation are client reviews, in fact, reviews provide the social proof and build trust among new clients considering your business as they get to hear directly about your products, services and customer experience. 

What is NiceJob?


In its simplest form it’s a digital way for your clients to let everyone know you’ve done a nice job beyond telling those in their immediate social, professional or familial networks.

NiceJob’s platform provides your business the easiest way to get more reviews, referrals and sales virtually without any additional work. You are able to tap into the strong brand reputation you’ve already built and showcase this in a way that it’s working for you.  The key ingredient here then is sharing your current client experiences.  Reviews are the voice of these clients to tell their story to their virtual community and social networks so your business moves from being a contender to the only one someone would consider. Given the time and investment you’ve taken to curate excellent client experiences the next logical step is to ensure you are able to amplify these such that current clients become natural brand ambassadors for your business. 

NiceJob is a reputation marketing platform that we offer as an integral part of ARC Groups services. There are no set-up fees, no contracts and we can get started in minutes

Here’s how NiceJob will make seeking client reviews an intentional part of your brand awareness, marketing and growth strategy. 

Increasing Reviews Means Increasing Profits 

90% of consumers believe  reviews and referrals are more important than any info provided by a salesperson. Asking for reviews can be tricky.  We know this and rest assured NiceJob takes the awkwardness out of asking every client for a review. NiceJob will automatically follow up with customers via email or text for a review or a referral request.  A great way your team can encourage clients to submit a review is to let them know their feedback is valuable and to expect a review request without them having to ask for the review on the spot themselves.

NiceJob actively prompts every client to write you a review and We know that part of business is that there are times where things go seamlessly and other times there can be a challenging or negative situation that requires problem-solving.  Through the automated approach NiceJob allows you to showcase all of the happy client reviews and leverage these as part of your marketing and growth strategy.  At the same time, NiceJob will also help ensure that any less than positive reviews don’t take over the review space, rather provide an opportunity for you to receive critical feedback and use it as an opportunity for growth and improvement.  

Increasing Marketing Means Increasing Your Reach 

NiceJob is more than automated ask outs, their referral and review campaigns are powered by a smart customer matching system that ensures you’re reaching the customer at the best time and does not follow up with another request once they’ve already left a review.  NiceAI is able to detect if your client has not left a review and will only then send a reminder. This is why NiceJob is able to convert requests for reviews 2-3x higher than other platforms. 

Another way NiceJob works for you is it takes the reviews and lets you get in the driver’s seat.  You can opt to automatically (or manually) share the best reviews on your website and social media, including content tags, photos, and additional context that helps them pop.  Not only will you notice your website becomes more appealing and practical, it will help your site rank higher in search engines, because reviews count as user-generated content. NiceJob connects to all major review sites and is available on both iOS and Android. 

Direct reviews from your clients that are real-life stories and generated in real time creates content for your social media through NiceJob’s Socials Sharing features, your business is able to increase client engagement while bolstering your brand reputation and awareness.

Nice Job’s Trust Badge Widget 

The Trust Badge Widget is a powerful marketing tool that draws your attention to the positive reviews right on your website!  Inevitably with each review a prospective customer reads it increases their trust in your company.  Trust Badge is a great way to also showcase individual team members as your clients will often name who helped them.  

A quick read of your company reviews will help you learn more about star performers and acknowledge their contributions to building the brand reputation.  This helps your team feel a sense of pride and ownership in living up to your brand values. Trust Badge pairs nicely with NiceJob’s  Employee Leaderboard feature as well and can also be used as a way to incentivize great performance and reward team members with 5 star reviews. Likewise, the reviews will speak for themselves and may also provide insightful coaching opportunities for team members to continue to grow and develop.

Ready to Let Your Reputation and Reviews Power Your Business?

NiceJob has built a reputation for creating a simple experience for you and your customers.  Through smart review distribution NiceJob will distribute your reviews on the sites where they will get the most views such as Google and Facebook.  Your company will rank higher in Google Search and win more traffic as your reputation as the top-rated provider in the business grows with social proof.  On Facebook you’ll get recommended to your best client’s entire social media network, which as you know is far greater than their personal circle.  Reviews leave a lasting mark far greater than a casual conversation and are far more efficient and have a powerful reach. 

NiceJob recap:

  • No setup fees
  • No contracts
  • Start free in minutes 
  • NiceAI
  • SEO optimized widgets
  • Available on iOS and Android
  • Smart review distribution
  • Connects to all major review sites and 1000+ of your favorite apps

To learn more about NiceJob, please reach out to your ARC Group account manager and we would be pleased to help set up a personal presentation for you and your team along with a demonstration, with a simple click on this link we can get started:

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